The Hot Iron

Hello! I would like to run a game soon. I have never done so before, so beware, it may be pants.

Setting and Premise

This game will have players tied in some way to House Greyjoy. The plan is to protect and serve a young noble lady, while seeking the Heir of the seven kingdoms. The Geographical scope of this campaign will be the Iron Islands, Essos (leaning toward the cities) and if it goes well, back to Westeros from the east toward Kings Landing.


There are many suitable archetypes. Fighting style players are obvious, rouge types as well, a maester/doctor type is always handy, another noble or heir could be useful. You can be ironborn, but it would not be unfeasible to come from Essos or another noble house (children were often fostered, or taken as wards, or would train as squires).

Special bits

I’m not averse to requests for special (useful or not) character secrets, animal companions, maybe a special weapon. See me if you have ideas.


I want to (controversially) set this not long after the war of the 5 kings (i.e. book 5). This means I’ll decide where the book characters ended up! It also leaves scope for ‘guest stars’ which I quite enjoy. I was asked a while back whether you need to know about the setting, and after thinking about it (discussing with JJ) It probably would help to know a bit about some of the main characters. For example, everyone would have heard of Cersei Lannister and know that she is wicked but has had her come-uppance. While I will strive to tell you this – I might forget.

The Hot Iron

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