The Hot Iron

An unexpected start
Some brainstorming and character creation

So, I turned up at ISC on 24th June ready to wrap up my Pathfinder character to realise that there was actually nothing to wrap up! In the event, the present players and I had a little creation/discussion session.

We agreed that next session (9th July) could be a ‘combat trial’ to help us all (especially me!) get to know the combat and intrigue rules, as well as get a feel for the system and your character’s abilities. It’ll also give everyone a bit of extra time to finish off or make changes etc. etc.

That means the first ‘real’ session will take place on 23rd July.

So far we have the following party members:

  • Kelp – A sailor, captain of a smallish ship, equally good at commanding and fighting. She comes with a crew of 10 and a dog. Could be a good leader.
  • Jon – A man with a double, you’re never quite sure which one you’re talking to. Stealth/disguise type expert. The party rogue.
  • D_S’s character – A noble’s bastard, quite capable of selling ice to penguins. So far, the winning ‘Face man’.
  • ProfessionalNhialist’s character – A massive (8ft) cabin boy. Another noble’s bastard. A youthful fighter/tank.
  • Will’s character – A priest of the drowned god, possibly the party healer. Iron willed, and still not bad in a fight.
  • Sarah’s characterTBC.
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