A Motley Crew

Kelp's crew


Generic sailor template.
Trained dog.


Kelp’s crew.

Scraag- Scraag does not bathe as often as the rest of the crew might like.

Big Nev- Big Nev is actually only of average height.

The Wainwright brothers – Jan and Ivan. It’s difficult to tell them apart.

Ryback – Ryback is just a cook.

Arkona – Musically minded. Jokes about ’lute’ing the villages she visits.

The Silent Sister- slightly deaf, overcompensates by shouting.

Priest – Called priest cos he looks like a drowned man

Pliskin – Lost an eye escaping from an island prison.

Doc Gale – Grim and serious, her stories make even the most hardened sailor wince.

Dogmeat – Faithful ship mongrel.

A number of freed slaves with a grudge against Jon Myre

A Motley Crew

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