The Hot Iron

An unexpected start

Some brainstorming and character creation

So, I turned up at ISC on 24th June ready to wrap up my Pathfinder character to realise that there was actually nothing to wrap up! In the event, the present players and I had a little creation/discussion session.

We agreed that next session (9th July) could be a ‘combat trial’ to help us all (especially me!) get to know the combat and intrigue rules, as well as get a feel for the system and your character’s abilities. It’ll also give everyone a bit of extra time to finish off or make changes etc. etc.

That means the first ‘real’ session will take place on 23rd July.

So far we have the following party members:

  • Kelp – A sailor, captain of a smallish ship, equally good at commanding and fighting. She comes with a crew of 10 and a dog. Could be a good leader.
  • Jon – A man with a double, you’re never quite sure which one you’re talking to. Stealth/disguise type expert. The party rogue.
  • D_S’s character – A noble’s bastard, quite capable of selling ice to penguins. So far, the winning ‘Face man’.
  • ProfessionalNhialist’s character – A massive (8ft) cabin boy. Another noble’s bastard. A youthful fighter/tank.
  • Will’s character – A priest of the drowned god, possibly the party healer. Iron willed, and still not bad in a fight.
  • Sarah’s characterTBC.


If we have a boat, any suggestions for a name?
Also, we touched on it Monday but wondering how we all know each other? Or whether some of us will be meeting for the first time?

An unexpected start

My only ‘rule’ is that you will all at least have seen each other, the Isles are not so big, so anyone who has lived there for a little while will have been ‘seen around’. With the possible exception of Dan’s character (TBC). Basically, I’ve set it up so that you will be stuck together whether you like it or not; however it may be easier if you are all friendly. I do want you all to have motivation to stay with this ‘quest’, whether it’s loyalty, the big payout or something else.

An unexpected start

So Kelp and Sarah trained together (still train together?), consults drowned priest for religious services (so known well, but not friendly as such), if John’s char is the princess’s bodyguard I would think Kelp would only know on sight, and on reputation. I can see the"pinch face" chars having dealings with a raider captain, sound good? And Dan’s char (I forget his name sry) as a disgraced noble maybe known from back before he was disgraced? How does that sound? Kept it vague, so pls add more concrete things. Left off Kelp’s family (and non raider) name, so a blood tie is an option for anyone who wants to add one.
What dfo thou all think?

An unexpected start

Sounds good to me :) (which doesn’t really matter.. LOL) Dan plays ‘Vaust’ (i may be wrong on the spelling) – don’t worry too much as he may be new to the island. A way around knowing John’s character specifically is you could have been friends with one or both parents of his due to the age gap, and known him as a baby (but he may not necessarily know you, but family trust goes a long way). You also only have to worry about knowing one or the other Pinchface, as I think Dom had in mind that people wouldn’t know that they were different people. I certainly expect that dealings would be on the table :) Of course your Bravossi training would bring you and Sarah together… it’d be cool to have a family tie or so :)

An unexpected start

Kelp could certainly know Jon or Erik through some dealings, perhaps you sometimes supply my more exotic poisons, as Iron islanders are not particularly fond of ‘cowards’ who use poison then he would trust you more as you are bravossi.

I don’t know much of vorst’s backstory, but it is possible that we could be half-related and Jerik does not care much whether someone is a bastard or not, especially if they can talk their way out of trouble like vorst can.

Sarah might not be well acquainted with Jerik given that she has been mostly in Bravos. Jerik may have spotted Kelp and her sparring when collecting a delivery and been impressed?

As for the other characters, I think I would need a little more of their backstory/ have talked in person as I haven’t played with some of you before.

An unexpected start

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