The Hot Iron


Sailing the Narrow Sea...

The story begins when our heroes gather in a dark room beneath the main level of Pyke Castle. Their liege lord Euron Greyjoy has recently been informed by Vaust, a stranger from the Royal court, that there is a chance to find and make allies with Aegon Targaryen; a boy who was believed to be killed while still a babe-in-arms.

Some seemed skeptical, but the Lord of the Iron Islands was prepared to send his daughter as an envoy, accompanied of course by a skilled crew led by this exiled Noble.

They gathered their thoughts and requisitioned the require equipment [John Myre, read 1 free castle-forged weapon and reasonable other items from the armoury]. Kelp wisely decides to leave her ship here in safe harbour. Vaust’s horse, Sarah’s dog and Kelp’s crew are all along for the ride.

On the morning of the voyage, everyone gathers to load the ship, a small Carrack named ‘Fancy’. The crew have a great time watching Vaust try to coax his horse into the hold, but after some battling of wills the horse is cleverly led over the gangplank. The dogs are much more eager to accompany their respective owners.

The team find their charge rather irate and unwilling to interact much. She is a pretty girl, with black hair and large dark eyes; but her temper just does not match up. Fortunately her bodyguard knows a few tricks to keep her safe and prevent her from getting into too much trouble, and by the end of the voyage Vaust has almost befriended her (after some persistence).

On the third week at sea a storm broke out, an ‘all hands on deck’ situation. Kelp proved herself an excellent leader, while Sarah and the bodyguard put their strength to good use. Vaust seemed a little out of his depth, but done well to boost morale and aid his new companions. One of the newer slaves fell overboard, obviously unused to the life at sea, but our crew would not leave him behind, despite the boy’s panic and general lack of swimming skill almost killing him.

The journey went reasonably smoothly from then on, and in 2 months and 5 days the Fancy landed at the port just south of Volantis. Opting for a night at the harbour to find their land legs again, the team kitted up by buying a couple of horses and a wagon. They were keen to find a nicer bed for the princess than what was to be found in the nearest inn, so trekked out to find a classy-looking place. After an hour in the lounge however; it became apparent that this was no ordinary tavern, and Sarah took great delight in encouraging the Bodyguard to go off with one of the whores. He placated her by having a drink, but did not take his eyes off his charge, Tacita.

Kelp attempted to haggle the huge price of rooms down a bit by threatening the Mistress. This didn’t go down so well and she ended up sleeping in the ‘less classy’ tavern near the harbour with her crew. The others opted to stay there despite the inflated price and enjoyed a comfortable bed, bath and a big breakfast.

Before setting off the next morning, Kelp ordered her cook to go bash up the door of the whorehouse for good measure, and left with the Mistress’ yelling at her back! They set off up the busy road to the city…


Haha, excellent. I am glad that Jon and Erik have now finally overcome some of their seasickness and can emerge onto land. As for equipment, I scored so highly on my status roll I think I won’t bother with the free stuff (too much effort).


I needed to find a better way to intimidate than pulling funny faces and shaking my fist at the air.


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